Can you really trust your gut if it's unwell?

Can you really trust your gut if it's unwell?

When it comes to gut health, the general consensus is...


"Out of sight, out of mind."


Aka..."Unless it causes me noticeable grief, I'll worry about it later."


For many years, the medical industry claimed that there is no way food would impact health. And for that, I believe we have MANY dis-eases that could very well have been prevented. 


But I digress.


A question came to me this morning from one of our long-time customers about gut health so I figured I'd pass on this info to all of you.


She purchased Zen Belly and had a few questions before taking it. 


If you're reading this, please know I'm here to answer any question you have about any of our products. 


Send me your questions here.


Plus, your questions help me to understand what information you all need so it gives me topics to write about. 


Which is life-giving to us all!


Her question was with regard to a constant bloat and understanding that gut and mental health are related. 

She is now on a journey top restore balance to her gut in hopes of resolving both the bloat and mental health implications. 


So the first thing we need to address is that bloating can be a sign of:


-inflammatory bowels


-gummed up lining of the gut


-potential leaky gut


-possible undigested waste


-fermentation caused by mixing the wrong types of foods


-and even stress...which slows down digestion. 


In which case...


Nutrients aren't absorbed efficiently, poop quality can be affected, and anxiety can go through the roof. 


Now, we might not THINK that 'logically' the gut and brain are so connected but there is a TON of science coming out now that shows us it's ALL connected. 


 1. Anyone who's 'full of poop' is going to FEEL like it. SO yeah, there's that. And just because you have IBS or chronic diarrhea does not mean you aren't 'full of it.'


2. Recent research is showing us that parasites in the gut can literally TELL the brain what to eat in order to keep itself alive.


3. The vagus nerve connects the gut and the brain almost directly. So when one is off, both are off. 


To heal, we need to start thinking of the gut less as just a digesting machine and more as a very much ALIVE ecosystem. Made up of bacteria and fungi and viruses and human cells.


In fact, our human body (in a healthy state) will average about 10:1 with 10x more bacteria, fungi, and viruses than actual human cells. 


Sadly, we've lived over a hundred years with a 'healthcare' system that's been waging a war on bacteria instead of understanding it. 


Hence the reason we see so much chronic illness and antibiotic resistance bacteria going around. 


Like with the Earth, we've destroyed the gut's ecosystem and are now paying the price.


Everything from mental health issues to autoimmune ALL trace back to gut health so...


What to do? 


Step one is always self analysis.


And no, I am not talking about self-diagnosis of a disease. 


We're talking brutal honesty about the lifestyle you lead that CAUSES the imbalance in the gut to begin with.


If you will notice, MOST of our supplement line is dedicated to gut health. 


That's BECAUSE you can't 'trust your gut' to lead you in the right direction if it's out of sorts. 


So I want to show you HOW to analyze the possible root cause of gut imbalance and show you which products may help restore order to it.


First, ask yourself: "What habits are contributing to my poor gut health?"


This includes...


-Do I eat a lot of ultra-processed foods?


-Have I taken a lot of antibiotics in my lifetime?


-Do I eat a lot of non-organic foods?


-Do I drink a lot of soda?


-Am I under a lot of stress?


-Am I eating at all times of day or night?


-Do I eat when I'm distracted?


-Do I eat whatever I feel like eating then feel crappy after?


-Am I eating to numb my emotions?


-Am I taking pharmaceutical drugs to numb my emotions?


-Do I drink alcohol regularly? 


-Do I use a bluetooth earbuds?


-Do I drive an electric vehicle?


-Do I drink hot drinks out of disposable cups?


-Do I use the microwave/microwave food in plastic?


-Do I use skin care, hair care, and cleaning products that contain ingredients that are known carcinogens?


If you answered yes to any of the above, your gut NEEDS your attention. 




Enzyme Pro provides the necessary enzymes needed to break down food. Enzymes are like messengers that tell the body what to do with your food. If you battle with indigestion, constipation, and/or heartburn, this may be a good option for you.


Flora Euphoria is a pre and probiotic supplement that helps to restore and feed the good bacteria in your gut. This is an essential tool for those of you who've eaten a lot of processed food or taken a lot of antibiotics in your life. Also for those of you who've been exposed to glyphosate (aka Round-Up) in your food. 


Immune Attune helps to feed the good bacteria in your gut, provide fiber for removing backed up debris, and supports a healthy immune system by way of the gut. Most people don't realize that autoimmune begins as inflammation in the gut...that leads to leaky gut...which then leads to the body 'turning on itself' as it attacks the debris that leaks from your gut. Immune Attune helps to restore the balance and reduce that inflammatory response. 


Detox Aid is great for those of you who have metal fillings, have partied a little too hard in life, expose yourself to hot food/drinks in plastic, or believe you may have been exposed to parasites. It supports the detox pathways to pull these toxins from your body. 


And depending on your current needs, our Rejuvamend can help support a reduction in inflammation while Audacity can help the detox pathways clear out the toxins you're shedding in the process.


When it comes to gut health, it's important to see it as a SYSTEM that requires constant tending and love. 


As always, it's important to pair your supplement use with a healthy diet and lifestyle to reduce daily stress on the digestive system.


While I'm only scratching the surface here with information, I hope you'll begin taking greater responsibility for the health and wellbeing of your gut. 


It really CAN guide you in the right direction...

WHEN it's properly cared for and in optimal shape. ;)


Check out Part 2 here.

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