Alpha Zen Coaching

Are you tired of running on fumes?

Feeling like you can't take a break because the world won't survive without you?

Are you setting a bad example for your family because you aren't taking care of yourself?

Do you struggle asking for support and setting healthy boundaries?

What if I could show you how to...

-go after the life you KNOW you're worthy of?

-set healthier boundaries with yourself and others

-create a healthier relationship with your body

-take control of your eating and your health


If this hits home for you...

You're in the right place!

I'll show you how to unravel doubt, make sense of your bad habits, and replace them with clear, healthier habits to have you feeling whole and empowered once again.

Radiant wellness can be yours.

I'll help you bring it to life!

Based on what area of life you're struggling with, we have three Coaching Programs to support your journey:

1) Intuitive Eating

This course teaches students how to understand the body's cues, learn to listen between true hunger and stress-related cravings, how to create a healthier relationship with food, and how to eliminate self-sabotage. 

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2) Unshakable Confidence

This course guides students in identifying their biggest obstacles, learn to take consistent actions, determine where and why they give up so frequently, and create a life they can truly be proud of.

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3) Divine Grace

This course is for the truth-seeker...the one who wishes to have a better relationship with Source but knows they have fear in trusting that connection. In this course, we determine which beleifs are standing in the way, identify which habits are blocking a loving relationship with God and Self, and create faith based on trust of God and of Self. 

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