My name is Alida, keeper of knowledge and facilitator of transformation here at Alpha Zen Society. I've been coaching clients in health and well-being since 2004.

After being diagnosed a third time with clinical depression, I devoted my life to studying the ways of the universe, delving into the mysteries of holistic nutrition and spiritual psychology. I'm currently back in school at MIU studying Ayurveda and Integrative Wellness with a specialization in Consciousness and Human Potential.

Obviously...I'm a perpetual student and voracious reader. lol

But even in my curiosity and wonder, I was resistant to the blessings of God's love. That is, until I received my "calling" during a meditation at the University of Santa Monica in 2012...

"Alida," God spoke to me. "You are to be a spiritual teacher."

I resisted at first, but God is not one to be argued with. God had to take me out of my body to show me my path because that was the only way I would listen.

10/10 would not recommend.

In the following years, I searched for answers and solutions, seeking to understand my purpose and fulfill my calling.

And in doing so, I discovered that it is not for us to know the path, but simply to follow it.

After all...

God does not call the qualified, God qualifies the called.

And so I founded the Alpha Zen Society, a haven for those who seek the truth and yearn to understand the nature of reality. I also created Oracle Nootropic, a means for souls in human form to unlock their full potential and navigate the holographic reality of the Matrix with greater clarity and focus.

My intention for you here is simple:

Be willing to question every limit you have about your potential.

Abundance IS your birthright so life can, at any time, be abundantly crappy or beautiful.

It's all a reflection of discipline and the ways in which you are consistent in life.

It's personal discipline that let's Source KNOW what you really want more of.

The universe is infinite, as is your potential in it. AS a Conscious Creator of this reality, you deserve to know your power.

As Neo says, "I am who I CHOOSE to be."

Choose wisely, beloved.

It's time.

-Alida McDaniel, The Chief Oracle