Your Guide to Overnight Success. Well, sort of.

Your Guide to Overnight Success. Well, sort of.

That all depends on what you consider success to be.


And if you're committed to what would change in your life IF that success happened.


*This is a long one today so grab your journal and buckle-up for some hard-hitting ideas*


In the parable of  Jesus traveling from village to village and healing people, he would ask:


WOULD you be healed?


Not "can I heal you?"


He knew that some people didn't really WANT to be healed.


Their affliction was too important to them.


They depended it on to define who they were. 


And to be 'healed' that identity would have to be given up. 


He wasn't questioning His power. He was questioning their willingness let go of the broken identity that brought on the affliction in the first place.


WHO would you be if...


All of a sudden, you became the person you've always dreamed of?


And if you try to tell me "Nothing would change..." you aren't ready for it.


See, we live in a society where our desire for quick fixes and comfort have us creating endless habits to stay stuck.


We're willing to sacrifice quality for a 'hit' of good feelings.


Even if those feelings are temporary. We want what we want NOW and don't care how much it costs our future self to have it.


Is is possible to become an overnight success?






BUT...if the only reason you want that FAST win is because you THINK it will somehow put an end to your self-inflicted suffering....


You're in for a rude awakening. 


People want the easy route. 


They want hacks. 


They want to avoid the discomfort of failures, losses, embarrassment, and the struggles of having to start again.


So, they'll SEEK the small goals that allow them to remain safely in a predictable bubble while complaining that others have it better than they do.


But not you. That's why you're HERE!


Today, I'm going to show you HOW you can be an 'overnight success'...or at least, how to bend time to make it happen faster...


Rule #1: Do it for YOU, not to impress others...


Have you ever had a goal SO big it didn't make sense?


You may have been afraid to share it with people because you didn't want people to deter you or try and put in their two cents.


You may have even been afraid they'd call you selfish or arrogant for setting such a HUGE goal. 


Truth be told...


Those types of people, aren't YOUR people. They would rather stay safe, avoiding risks, and living a life that's predictably small. 


You can love them where they are, but keep your dreams to yourself. 


When I walked into Gold's Gym, having no prior experience of training others, I had one goal:


See how far I could go as a trainer. 


I'd spent the previous two years working on myself. 


Becoming the best I'd ever been.


Breaking up the patterns of compulsive eating and chronic illness.


But, I was a classically trained chef working at one of the BEST restaurants in the desert. Many people thought I was crazy for walking away from a career that was just getting started (less than 3 years out of school)...


And after investing in not one but TWO culinary school degrees


When I walked in to the gym in September of 2004 and showed them only my before and after pictures...

Alida's Before and After Pictures


I was hired on the spot. 


Within just two weeks, I had enough clients to quit my job as a chef. 


I went straight to the top shortly after that because I learned how to shut out the noise of those who didn't 'get it.'


There was a point I even stopped taking calls from people who tried to convince me to stay stuck. To keep playing safe. To 'stay in my lane.'


They didn't have the same audacious spirit I had and so, they avoided more risks...and more success...because of it.


I replaced their 'support' with people who challenged me to think OUTSIDE the box. 


I aligned with the Pros in the gym who became my mentors and taught me everything I needed to know about functional training, bodybuilding, nutrition, and the industry. 


I learned FAST and my results...and packed client schedule...were proof that I was going in the right direction.


I succeed FAST because I went ALL IN without letting anyone get in my head about 'going too fast' or 'working too hard.'


So, for Rule 1:


Work in silence. Be audacious with your goals. Cut out the naysayers and tell ONLY the people who will challenge you OUT of your comfort zone, into a greater version of yourself. When you set a goal FOR the sake of external validation, you're setting yourself up for failure. 


Do it because YOU want it. Because it will make your life better. Not because the opinions of others matter more than your own.



Rule #2: Be decisive...


Deep within my memory bank is a moment where I saw someone become an "overnight success." A moment in time where I realized...


Winners don't talk about it UNTIL they can BE about it. 


That's why it LOOKS like people rise to stardom 'overnight' when in reality, they've been prepping for YEARS to get ready for it. 


I sat in the crowd. The auditorium was packed. 

It was the summer of 2005 and I was in Vegas with my bodybuilder bf at the time.


The smell of fake tanning spray was inescapable, a rather nostalgic scent when you've been to enough of these shows like I had.


The seats were FILLED with fit people who's metabolism was SO strong, their bodies were literal furnaces. It was hot!


But in that moment, there was NO place I would rather be. 


The adrenaline was addicting...these were my people!


This was the NPC USA Championships where bodybuilders were competing to get their pro-card. Where they became worthy of competing with the pros in the Olympia, the Arnold, and various other pro-competitions around the world.


The energy was palpable as all the heavy weights took the stage. I sat at the edge of my seat, shaking my knees as I prayed my favorite competitors would win.


But something strange happened. 'Out of nowhere', this 'kid' Phil Heath took the stage...


He took the win in his weight class and then the overall...and with that...the pro-card. 


It all happened so fast. Like time just somehow sped up!


Who the hell was this guy?


Where did he even come from?!


Why had we never heard of him? 


Why had we never seen him at any shows?


Through rumors that began spreading throughout the crowd, he found out he had been training with Jay Cutler as his coach and mentor. Jay is a 4 time Mr. Olympia with 6 runner up titles. The most in history!


OF COURSE! Now it all made sense.


Phil KNEW that to BE the best so he had to train with the BEST.


And because of that, Phil is now a 7-time Mr. Olympia at the age of 43. Placing in the top three 11 times!


What fascinated me most about his story was that...


Instead of of showing up to all the amateur shows and TRYING to win for most bodybuilders do...he showed up to a show WHEN he was ready to win, then went straight to the top.


And he DID that in less than three years while other bodybuilders spend their entire lives just TRYING to get a Pro Card but never get past the amateur levels.



Phil made a clear decision, went all in on it, and did what he set out to do.


This is why I will always tell my clients...


If you aren't willing to go 100% into something, you won't get there. 


At least, not with speed or accuracy anyway. 


It will take a LOT longer to fight against your Plan B's.


Even a 1% chance of giving up or letting an excuse deter you is powerful enough to derail you from the start. 


When your brain KNOWS you have an 'out' it will never give you full access to will power, motivation, or intuition. 


Your brain will seek chaos and your habits will match.


The ONLY way to fast-track your success...


Is to go ALL IN.


To become so 'obsessed' with that future version of yourself that NOTHING, including your own excuses, stand in your way of becoming that. 


Rule #2:


Eliminate the Plan B and go ALL IN on your Plan A. This will help the mind focus and give you room to see your path clearly. You're eliminating ANY potential for giving up, and can now chart a course from start to finish with no unnecessary stops along the way.


And finally, Rule #3: Be AS-IF...


We are creators in this quantum reality. 


Our bodies are wired to literally manifest and attract energy. 


When we focus on limits, fear, and doubts, we project that energy out into the world as though we EXPECT it to occur.


And it does!


FAST success comes when doubt is removed. 


When we are SO clear on where we're headed that we don't even have room to entertain our own limiting beliefs. 


We begin living a life that MATCHES our future, accomplished self. 


We 'fold time' by BECOMING that future version in the NOW.


And finally, Rule #3:


Think about who you would be once your goal has already been achieved. How do you walk? Stand? Speak? How do you serve others? How do you dress? How has accomplishing the goal changed your self-image? How has it changed your surroundings?


Then...BECOME that version NOW. 


Show this holographic universe, by your actions and thoughts, that you are in fact READY for this reality to be-come truth in the NOW. 


As Dr. Joe Dispenza would say "Live that future NOW."


Just remember, beloved...


You will always have time, energy and money for the things you prioritize. So if you find you never have time, energy or money for your goals, they are NOT a priority. 


And that is what keeps humans from having fast-er wins...




Success moves faster when it becomes a priority.


It's all about alignment: Thoughts, beliefs, & habits.


Get ready. Stay ready. 


BE your future self now and take that quantum leap!


It's your time NOW.


-Alida, The Oracle

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