You deserve MUCH better than average. It's time to level up!

You deserve MUCH better than average. It's time to level up!

How you compare yourself to others shows a lot about what you believe you're worthy of.

It's all a story. 

One that you've accepted as fact and worked to build a life around. 

The mind gets cluttered. 


Especially when we aren't intentional with the data that we allow to come in and the data we allow to flourish. 

Each and every day...with 70,000-90,000 thoughts being thought...we're anchoring IN more of the same beliefs simply because we're living a life on autopilot...

And SEARCHING for others who struggle in the same way so we can relate. 

We CRAVE belonging. 

We CRAVE community.

What we don't crave?

Our own beliefs being challenged. 

And so, we remain stuck in our struggles because, based on our circle of association...

It's normal. "Everyone else is struggling like this too."

Hence, there's no need for me to change because 'it must not be possible if no one else has done it.'

The point here is, labels give us the ability to 'fit in' with a group of people who now define us. But they also trap us into a very limited potential future. 

These labels define how 'people like us' should act, feel, spend, speak, dress, and live.

So if you find yourself feeling stuck, and you've come to a point where you can't stand another minute of playing small...

You'll have to change that story FIRST!


In my Intuitive Eating program, we dig DEEP into tribal programming.


WHO we are...


WHY we are that way...


and HOW our thoughts are unconsciously working against us.


Humans get stuck because of association...aka 'people like us.'


See, we become an average of the top 5 people we hang out with in:










and even Potentials for the future.


As Dan Peña says "You will succeed DESPITE your parents." 


Meaning: success will come from questioning your own limitations and creating, consciously, your own reality.


We're taught to 'fit in' by parents, the school system, teachers, mainstream media, and even our own friends. 


We're taught that 'better than average' is good enough.


We're taught to settle and to not question something as audacious as becoming GREAT. 



Because 'that's not possible for people like us.'


Average is dangerous. 


It kills motivation and confidence. 


Average waits for permission to be be heard...


And it waits for the EXTERNAL validation that creates a false sense of self-worth.


As my Unshakable Confidence students are learning...


True confidence comes from within. By creating disciplines, choosing to be excellent in even the little things, and by being CONSISTENT to the point where self-trust is fortified. 


When you find yourself comparing your performance to the average, it's a sign you've forgotten: 


You came into physical form to create. Not to blend in. 


You forgot that you didn't come here to fit in, but to strengthen your unique talents as gifts to be shared with the world. 


To be YOU not a carbon copy of others.


If you want to really shine your light in the world, you'll have to stop using labels that allow you to play small. Labels that give you an excuse to not feel the discomfort of your own mediocrity. 


Labels that prevent you from seeing your FULL potential. 


Average is comfortable.


Discipline is not. 


Average minds make excuses.


Disciplined minds create solutions.


Don't waste your life away being average...or 'just above' it.


Be confident enough to stand out. 


Be confident enough to call bullshit on your excuses instead of searching for people to relate to.


Be confident enough to be the ONE person in your group who outgrows the accepted mindset and habits of that group.


Be the lighthouse for those who need of an example of what's possible.


The world NEEDS this full version of you now more than ever!


You'll have to develop an unshakable confidence THROUGH discipline to become the YOU that you are destined to be.


Let today be that day. 


-Alida, The Oracle


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