When the thought of a new goal is exhausting...

When the thought of a new goal is exhausting...

It's a sign:


You're just wasting your energy fighting AGAINST your own flow. 


Maybe it's time to start floating downstream instead...


Me: So, why ARE you so afraid of going all in? Of getting rid of every option except the ONE thing you say you want the most?

Client: Because if I reach this goal, people will expect me to STAY at that level!


Her eyes welled up with tears...

She was exhausted.

Not from being her best self but from RESISTING it.

She'd spent all her energy, and even energy she didn't have, pushing against her own growth.

Like so many, she already KNEW what she needed to do.

She'd bought all the courses, attended all the workshops, hired all the coaches, but nothing was showing her how to get over her fears.

The problem was that, she was at the BOTTOM of the mountain looking up THINKING the top was all there was.

She assumed that once she finished that goal, she'd have nothing left. That she was only worthy of one BIG win.

And that was just too much for her to even fathom.

Her ceiling of success was SO low, she couldn't even comprehend a world beyond that first win...the idea that one win would be merely a stepping stone...a starting point for the next win and the next one.

She was exhausted from chasing immediate gratification instead of building a foundation for her future success.

And so, instead of reaching for her HIGHEST potential, instead of getting curious about whether or not that ONE limit was even true, she'd convinced herself that she lacked the energy to keep up with the high level of perfection that her ONE big thing could require.

If you're feeling stuck you know this struggle well...

YOU already know what you need to do.

But your faith in your worth is SO small, you think that reaching ONE goal is ALL you're worth. That one big win is all you have in you.

You think that ONE win will change your WHOLE life and that will be the end of that.

You're afraid that your ONE big thing will be so amazing that inevitably someone or something will swoop in to take it away.

And so...

You suffer, struggle, fighting to play small.

Convinced that your win is 'too hard' for you to keep.

And so, you lack the confidence that comes from being consistent in pursuing repetitive wins.

Confidence is a side effect of consistency.

You can't speak affirmations into the mirror without conquering your inner demons and expect things to change.

You'll have to challenge your own status quo.

And when you do, you'll realize, like my client did, that that ONE big win will feel SO small in comparison to the LONG list of wins that will come after it.

ONE win is less like a mountain and more like a brick...

ONE brick, carefully placed in the foundation of your identity.

ONE brick that, when paired with other bricks, supports the weight of greater wins.

You cannot expect to feel confident if you're trying to build a house without a foundation.

THAT is why you're exhausted.

THAT is why you're scared.

THAT is why you avoid the journey.

Because you KNOW you haven't built a solid foundation to BUILD your 'house' on.

You'll have energy when you don't have to balance on a sketchy foundation.

It's tough to believe you're worthy of great things when you look back and focus in on all your mistakes. 


When the only "proof" you have is how you've broken your own promises and denied yourself the pleasure of your own greatness. 




If you are WILLING to build, brick-by-brick, the foundation for future greatness with consistent and intentional steps, you'll find you'll have more confidence, more energy, more time, and more money to do ALL the things your hear WANTS to do.


May your future be FILLED with the FULLNESS of you,

Alida, The Oracle


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