When a treat becomes a coping mechanism...and how to break it

When a treat becomes a coping mechanism...and how to break it

What happens when your treats become your downfall?

If you find yourself stuck in a pattern of 2 steps forward, 4 steps backward, this message is for you...

The repeating pattern of self-sabotage is rooted in a belief. Whether that belief is related to self-worth and what you feel 'people like you' are capable of...

Or a belief that you need to 'balance' your self-induced, stressful life with toxic habits...

It's the belief that FUELS the pattern of our own demise.

When was the last time you sat with your beliefs?

I mean REALLY dove deep enough to see which beliefs were motivating which habits, and how it all created the life...and struggles...you're experiencing?

It's so easy to get wrapped up in what feels 'normal' when we aren't taking the time to question WHY it became normal in the first place. 

One treat on a day of stress feels good. 

We have a quick little hit of dopamine. The reward hormone.

And we begin to ponder... 

"If that treat made me feel good, maybe I should try that again tomorrow because I KNOW it's going to be stressful!"

One treat day turns into two.

Which then turns into, "This is a nice way to end my day."

And eventually, we start coping with treats instead of addressing WHY we needed that mechanism in the first place. Now, we have a new habit and a whole new MOOD.

We've now, fundamentally, become someone entirely different.

Someone who needs the escape instead of someone who faces the 'thing' head-on that caused us stress to begin with.

We've become someone who settles for just good enough because that feels easier than doing the thing we don't WANT to do.

And, "treats" can be anything...

Junk food.


Binge TV.



Even sex.

When the need for escape overrides the need for resolution, it's no longer a treat. 

It's self-sabotage. 

And if let unchecked, it will slowly destroy your confidence and ability to take on any goal in the future. 

This is the point where 'All Diets Fail' gets it's fame.

Because simply eliminating the bad foods, or bad habits in this case, will cause a push back of emotions. 

You can't simply just remove the thing you think is the issue when the REAL issue is a belief rooted deep in your psyche.

A belief...

"You aren't enough."

"You don't have it in you to conquer this challenge."

"You can't be trusted to follow through."

"You have no proof that you can win...so why even try."

"The world is out to get you."

"Everyone else is broke/broken so it's normal for you to be too."

Sound familiar?

These beliefs are the reason you needed to cope in the first place. Because instead of realizing you were triggered, and deal with it in the moment, you hide. 

Instead of FEELING the pain of that unconscious programming, you numbed out consistently in a pattern of avoidance. 

And so, the struggle continues. 

To break out, you'll need to shift your focus on this ONE thing...

Find evidence in your life that you ARE worthy and you are NOT a victim to/of your circumstances. 


1) Count your blessings. 

2) Focus on gratitude. 

3) Notice all the ways in which you ARE winning.

4) Concentrate your efforts on winning in even the tiniest of things...from making your bed consistently to prepping your meals for the week.

5) And most of all, invest your energy on proving how AMAZING you are TO yourself each and every day. 

Do you want to be the type of person who avoids dealing with their struggles? Do you want to be the type of person who makes excuses and complains instead of changing their situations? 


Do you want to be the type of person who's aware of and empowered in making their life out to be the way THEY want it? Consciously. With clear intention. Something to truly be proud of.

You'll have to BELIEVE this desire with all your heart to the point where manifesting it becomes absolutely necessary at THIS time. 

Without this type of conviction, you'll keep settling for those little dopamine hits and reach for them to avoid feeling empowered in your own abilities.

I pray that today is the day you decide to make your life the BEST it's ever been.

Because when you do...

You'll develop such a level of unshakable confidence that nothing will hold you down again.

Not even your own self doubt. 

To your success,
Alida, The Oracle

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