The Vision Board That Changed EVERYTHING...And how I lost 80 pounds

The Vision Board That Changed EVERYTHING...And how I lost 80 pounds

Simply put...

I challenged my own reality.

Made the decision to change it.

Then followed through.

But it wasn't ALWAYS that way.

Before that, for the first half of my life actually, I thought it was just easier to make lists and set goals that made me feel good in the moment.

Deep down inside I "KNEW me" and I "knew" I'd never follow through.

I KNEW I was just bullshitting myself and setting more goals wasn't changing anything in my life.

It was overwhelming.

I was too afraid accept that I had TOTAL resistance to change.

So much, in fact, that I'd created a life of suffering as 'proof' that I'd always have a valid reason for giving up.

Binge eating caused exhaustion and inflammation.

Which then caused chronic illness.

The SECOND I'd make a commitment, I'd hear a voice inside of me say "You'll be able to go UNLESS you get sick."

Instead of doing what my body needed to stay healthy, I'd unconsciously sabotage myself with food to FEED my need for giving up.

The pattern gave me a daily excuse to keep doing these same things, over and over again...

Binge eating...

Wallowing in my self-pity...

Blaming food for having power over my actions...

Getting sick...

Having a 'valid' reason to cancel...

and assuming that my situation was inescapable when really...

I just didn't WANT to change.

Being a victim to life was 'easier.'

More predictable.

And horrifically painful, at best.

Like a worn out pair of shoes that fits like a glove but causes all kinds of pain when used.

Setting yet ANOTHER goal that I knew I'd never fulfill was just another way of fluffing up my pride. And hopefully my external image.

PRETENDING that I had good intentions when I was really just an expert in letting 'life get in the way.'

See, I had built up a relationship with myself that included ZERO self trust.

I had YEARS of proof that I couldn't be trusted with any goal.

I "KNEW" me because I was predictable AF.

So in 2003 when I had officially had enough of my own excuses, I made a vision board.

That board went up in the place where I started each and every day: the TV.

It reminded me that I am no longer choosing that reality.

It slapped me in the face with the commitment I had made to myself, to my fitness, and to my own excellence.

It reminded me that I needed to put the remote down and hit the gym instead because...

"If I were a personal trainer, that's what I would do!"

At that time, I didn't have plans of becoming a trainer.

I was a classically trained, professional chef. But I KNEW that I needed to think differently if I had any hope of TRUE change.

Day after day, I began adjusting my habits.

The board started to 'make' my decisions for me.

If an action didn't support my goal, it was automatically a HELL NO.

I was sick and tired of being someone I couldn't even trust.

Tired of yo-yo dieting.

Tired of feeling like a victim to food...a literal INANIMATE object.

I KNEW that I had more control over my actions than I had been allowing.

I KNEW that I was the one making the choice to put junk foods to my lips in excess.

So I decided to take action and become someone I could trust.

And I'd been struggling for so long that frankly, I'd sort of just lost hope that anything would actually change.

Until one day I decided to challenge that belief.

Question the nature of my own reality.

And make a commitment to take ownership of my own destiny.

But during that year I realized WHY I had always failed.

There was ONE thing I had never done...


That means:

1) Writing it down

2) Creating an ALL IN strategy to get there

3) Doing ANYTHING you can to get there. Including: writing it down, creating a visual tool to keep you focused, and calling bullshit whenever you try to play small.

I'd become really good at always having a Plan B.

A way out.

I was masterful at knowing there would always be an escape plan, a 'logical reason' for giving up, even before I began.

But rarely had I ever just said NO to anything that may deter me.

The vision board became my visual reminder that THIS time WOULD in fact be different.

And I would not be accepting anything less from or for myself.

What is a vision board? A visual representation of what life will be like once the goal has been achieved. Used for goal setting and intentions.

After all...

If I could 'know' the part of me who always had an excuse, what would happen if I 'knew' the part of me who didn't?

Why NOT explore ALL the parts of me?

Why should I DENY myself the experience of true discipline?

Was I not worthy of excellence?

Was I not worthy of self love?

Was I not worthy of knowing my true power?

Was I not worthy of knowing my full potential?

Soon after that first board, The Secret came out. People around the world were having viewing parties to watch the movie and learn about the Law of Attraction.

And all of a sudden, vision boards became all the rage.

I was able to look back at that first board and see that not only had my fitness and body image changed...

not only had I conquered obesity and chronic illness and depression...

I'd also changed careers, become a personal trainer/holistic health coach, and devoted my life to teaching others the path of health freedom.

That was back in 2004.

And we're STILL going strong!

Life is always going to be a reflection of what you project.

You're only a victim to your thoughts.

And your actions will always validate your thoughts.


Change your mindset...change your life.

A vision board is a great tool to help you get there.

To your greatness!

-Alida, The Oracle

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