The Well-Placed "NO" is a Superpower

The Well-Placed "NO" is a Superpower

How often do you tell yourself NO?

Do you use it in times where you NEED to hear it?

Or are you using in to deny yourself growth and greatness?

The word NO is an amazing tool that, when properly placed, can completely transform not only your self belief but your impact in the world.

I used to day dream a lot.

It was a form of escape from the woes of the world.

Over and over I'd replay a scenario in my mind that would give me a quick hit of dopamine...

JUST so I could feel like I had some sort of power in my own life.

One day, I remember asking myself:

"WHY do I keep repeating this same scenario?...A conversation or situation where I'm confidently telling someone NO!...There's got to be a reason."

Go figure...

The answer made me cringe!

See, I NEEDED to tell myself NO.

No to bad habits, no too self destruction, no to procrastination.

But instead, I would create scenarios in my mind where I was establishing that boundary with ficticious people.


Because it was the only way my subconscious mind could get my attention...

PROJECT it onto someone or something else.

To make me the move projector.

It wasn't anyone else that I needed to say NO to.

It was ME.

Because the only place I had been using the word NO was...

Not's not the right's not convenient...if it was meant to be, it would be easier...I'm not ready...I'm not smart enough...I'm not pretty enough...I don't have enough money...

Basically stating: I'm not OPEN to hear another way!

So I was telling God: Yeah, NO. I will NOT receive your blessings. I will NOT allow you to mold and sculpt me. I will NOT make room for you to create miracles in my life. Absolutely NOT!

If you haven't learned by now...

You don't tell God NO.

In time, I did a little more soul-searching and realized that I could use NO more effectively...

No, I don't need to eat ALL the cookies just because they are here.

No, I don't need to buy that extra pair of shoes when I haven't purged my old ones.

No, I don't need another fancy new journal when I have 10 that have only been used once.

No, I can't keep waiting for a 'better time' when NOW is the only time I've got.

Everything in life can be used as a tool FOR or AGAINST your greatness.

When you learn to use these tools FOR your highest good, you realize how POWERFUL you really are as a Conscious Creator in this physical reality.

How will you use NO to support your goals today?

It takes just one NO at a time, one day at a time, to add up to BIG momentum.

You can let excuses pile up OR you can stack wins.

You decide.

Your future depends on it.

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