The surfer with no legs and one arm...a lesson in setting clear intentions

The surfer with no legs and one arm...a lesson in setting clear intentions

Have you ever made an excuse SO good it was logical enough to quit?

Let me tell you about José and why it's time to SQUASH those excuses...for good.

Earlier this week, I headed out to the beach with my mom for an impromptu recharge sesh. 


We've both been working through some big challenges with work and knew we needed some rest. 


Upon arrival, we noticed a surf competition going on. 


Parasurfing... Wait, what? 


That couldn't possibly mean what I THINK it means...


"Maybe it's like kite surfing? Yeah. That seems more logical." 


Hmmm, let's check it out. 


One by one we saw surfers with no legs gliding through the water on their bellies on surfboards. 




We looked around. 


Flags from so many countries...




Puerto Rico






Costa Rica




And more.


It was incredible!


Out of the crowd, we heard "Go, José! C'mon José!!!" 


A man with an American flag rushed to the shore waving the flag as he continued shouting. 


José came out of the water. He had no legs and only ONE arm. 


It was a GOOD thing I was wearing sunglasses at that eyes began to well up with tears. 


Instead of being wheeled out of the water on a cart, his teammate hoisted him on her back, his one arm wrapped around her neck and shoulder. He was surrounded by his teammates and everyone cheered. 


It was beautiful!


All of these men were out there in the water doing things most people with four working limbs would never do. 


And doing it courageously.


But here's what really grabbed my attention...


Naturally, they couldn't 'whip' their legs to keep their head above water. And when they came back to the shore, they were too low to the ground to keep their head steadily above the crashing waves. 


They needed help. Lots of it.


In fact, throughout the competition, there was a consistent team of people in the water helping them paddle out into the waves. Helping them back up onto their boards if they fell off. 


And supporting them in getting out of the water and into a wheelchair when they had finished. 


They weren't alone. 


Their support system was STRONG. 


From start to finish, they had learned how to surrender their weight into the person doing the swimming. 


How to lean in to the person lifting them. 


And how to let their team give them emotional support during this competition. 


It was like a pair of dancers with one leading and one following...


These surfers knew HOW to be supported and when to go it alone and that made them powerful competitors overall.


Have you ever wondered why you can't seem to allow the tiniest bit of support into your life?


Why you resist help when it comes in fear of being judged, being taken advantage of, or being let down?


And why you constantly feel like you're exhausted BECAUSE you keep doing it all alone? 


Instead of learning HOW to work together, you carry the load and take pride in being THE one who everyone depends on. 


But you keep getting stuck. You can only do SO much alone before you crash. 


And yet, you'd go further, faster, if you had a team to grow with. 


There are many times in life where you'll feel like you're at a disadvantage. 


Where you feel like you don't have enough money, time, energy, or even help to survive. 


You can't stop focusing on what's missing and so, you end up creating MORE of it. 


If you could shift your focus into what you wanted more of, you'd realize...


You simply CANNOT do it all alone. 


Maybe you've been 'alone' so long, you don't even know what support looks like. 


But when the weight of the world is on your shoulders...


When the waves are crashing down upon you and it feels like you're about to drown...


Wouldn't it be nice to know that you have the systems and team in place to be SURE you thrive?


It's scary to lean on someone else when it's only been YOU doing the heavy lifting for most of your life. 


No one knows how hard your struggle is because you're "the strong one" who they all look up to!


It's scary to consider making yourself a priority when everyone needs and depends on will you ever have time for yourself?!


But it doesn't have to be this way. 


You CAN be a support system for others AND be supported. 


You CAN make room for better health.


You don't have to sacrifice your greatness to 'be there' for everyone else.


You can take a page out of Jose's book and learn to train for greatness despite your current obstacles. 


You can make yourself a priority AND still be there for your loved ones as a beacon of hope and discipline. 


In my Unshakable Confidence course, my students learn how to listen to their inner voice, set healthy boundaries, pursue goals consistently, and seek support from their loved ones AND from the group. 


They learn how to gracefully pursue a healthier lifestyle while also learning how to be supported. 


In the past 12 weeks, my students have become deeply connected to their own intuition, learned to trust themselves, follow through on their commitments, and developed the ability to speak up for their needs to their loved ones.


And now, these changes have influenced their family and friends to create healthier habits as well. 


You can have that too. 


It's time. 


You're ready. 


There is NO better time than NOW to get started.


Jose is PROOF that nothing can stand in the way when you have the right mindset AND the right support. 


Unshakable Confidence can be yours. 


I can show you the way.


Alida, The Oracle


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