The source of confidence

The source of confidence

Your relationship with food, people, and your self discipline, all impact your level of confidence.

Confidence in personal worth, performance…

and the KNOWING that when you SAY you’ll do something, nothing will stop you.

If something outside of you has power over you, like an uncontrollable food craving or the opinions of others, having faith in your self worth will be unconsciously affected.


You’ll choose people who match this pattern...

People who COPE with life rather than excel in it.

You’ll create a life based on this lack of power…

And fight for people to buy into just how broken you “really” are.

The problem is that your entire existence is built AROUND the struggle so it’s HARD to see where the path to change begins…

It’s like asking a fish if it’s wet, how does it know what DRY is if it’s never BEEN dry?

How do YOU know what self control…self worth…complete conviction is if you’ve never experienced it?

THIS is why, on average, only 9-12% of people SUCCEED in New Year’s resolutions.

The pattern is: WAIT…



“Now is not convenient.”

Success…discipline…is a mindset that doesn’t JUST happen at a specific time of year.

It’s a lifestyle.

The sooner you learn this the sooner you’ll see where your life is not available for this type of behavior.

And when you SEE it you’ll have a choice:

Red pill: wake up and face reality that this is ALL created by you, for you, through you based on thoughts, actions and consistent choices

Blue pill: continue being asleep, blaming circumstances, genetics, family, friends, coworkers and society for your demise so you can keep pretending you are incapable

You didn’t come here to live by the creations of others.

YOU are a creator.

Create the reality you WANT to live in or suffer through the reality others have made FOR you.

It’s all a choice.

Choose wisely,

The Oracle ✨

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