The dangers of diet culture and why you can't break's not what you think

The dangers of diet culture and why you can't break's not what you think

If I had a dollar for every fad diet I tried before the age of 20...

I would have been able to retire long before I entered the workforce. 

I wanted to be thin.

To 'fit in.'

I grew up on late-night infomercials that touted having THE answer to my weight problems...

I did everything from Jenny Craig to Weight Watchers...

High-carb to low-fat...

And The Cabbage Soup diet? Ugh. I shudder even thinking about how bad that made me feel. 🥴

I tried everything that 'everyone else is doing' in hopes of finding a solution to a problem and they didn't create.

It was MY creation.

And a very potent one at that.

This story isn't just about dieting or weight loss.

It's about the health and well-being of our mind, body, and spirit. 

It's a reflection of how WE create a reality that cannot be solved by trying to 'be like the others.'

It's a chance to see how truly unique WE are and to seek inspiration, not for fitting in, but for true change to occur. 

I took a VERY unconventional approach to weight loss, you see. 

I went to culinary school. 😱

I exposed myself to food in a very DIFFERENT way. 

Instead of continuing to torture myself with deprivation and fear, I went ALL in on understanding how to respect food as both an art form and a source of nutrition. 

I formed a healthier relationship with food.

And what most people don't know...

I lost the bulk of my weight WHILE working in a high-end wholesale bakery!

I taught myself how to have self-control when the bowl of cake and brownie scraps was on the table. 

Day after day, I paid attention to how eating the sugar made my body feel vs eating protein or cleaner foods.

I became painfully aware of the LACK of nutrition in these foods... 

Foods  that I was formerly addicted too.

And I taught myself the art of bodybuilding so I could handle the physical demands of the job. 

If I would have continued on the trajectory of perpetual crash diets, I would still be 80 pounds overweight, battling depression and chronic illness.

But because I did it MY way, I found a better, more authentic, solution to the problem that I had created.

Because I had learned at such an early age that food is scarce, I put myself into a scenario where it was not...

And learned to pace myself with respect to the food and to my body.

If you've battled for YEARS with overcoming something in your life, you may need to think SO far out of the box that it seems insane.

Remember, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. 

So by definition, it's not the 'crazy' idea that's insane. It's the yo-yo commitment that is.

If you challenge yourself to think bigger, to unconventionally challenge your current limitations, what could you do differently to transform your view on this obstacle? 

And what belief about yourself, or your results, needs to die in order to make room for you to finally succeed?


It's YOU vs YOU each and every day.

Make this the day you conquer the 'thing' that's been standing in your way.

That thing being: your small thinking. 😅

“When defeat comes, accept it as a signal that your plans are not sound, rebuild those plans, and set sail once more toward your coveted goal.”   
―    Napoleon Hill   

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