The chosen ones choose in...why your soul inhabitted this human form

The chosen ones choose in...why your soul inhabitted this human form

I want you today to set aside all beliefs. Just for a moment. And explore the idea that your soul...

An infinite intelligence...

An energy source that is beyond all form, all time, and all identity...

CHOSE the life you're living in. 

The joy. The sorrow. The pain. And the blessings.

For just a moment, imagine that your soul made contracts with other souls to play roles.

Sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, lovers, victims, leaders, pawns....

You all took vows to each other to come together and learn from each other by playing out these chosen roles. 

If you stopped to think "What lesson could I be learning from this?" instead of cursing the situation or people involved, how different would you feel about your place in this world?

If you stopped to question how this life is happening FOR you rather than TO you...

How much more power would you have to create something better?

And now expand that perspective...

How different do you think the world would be if we ALL remembered that THIS was what we agreed to?

To these lesson plans.

To these soul contracts.

Imagine how things would shift if we stopped using phrases like "It was THEIR fault..." or "Fuck my life!"...

And instead we remembered that we ALL agreed to come back AS students in the greatest 'schoolhouse' ever built: 

The Space-Time Reality we exist in at this very moment!

I get that this idea can bring up a LOT of questions. And a lot of fear. 

It's a HUGE responsibility to BE the chooser of reality. Especially one that feels like it's in shambles.

But, when you realize that you ARE creating reality with every choice, every thought, every belief, and every habit, 

You HAVE the power to literally shape the world. And that power is amplified when you learn to work WITH your fellow souls to create a future together.

And that really is pretty damn amazing when you think about it!

Literally, destiny is YOURS...OURS...for the asking.

But somehow humans got stuck feeling powerless in a world full of systems and limitations. 

And maybe, you even lost your way on this path of life and feel like nothing you do ever makes a big enough difference to matter.


Today, I challenge you to question the nature of your own reality.

To take on the mission of remembering WHO and WHAT you are.

And why you're here.

To BE the soul having a human experience.

A soul who CHOSE IN to this life.

I challenge you to BELIEVE that you ARE capable of anything WHEN you remember your true nature AS an infinite soul having a human experience.

And instead of simply settling for things "as is," break out of what's predictable and choose to BE better. 

But first you must believe you are worthy of better. Worthy of ALL the things that come with being a CHOOSER of reality.

Can you believe?

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