Regenerative Farming (and WHY we need it now more than ever)

Regenerative Farming (and WHY we need it now more than ever)

Whether you believe in climate change or believe it's all some crazy conspiracy made up to control the masses...

One thing we can all agree on is that conventional farming is destroying our soil, our air, our seas, our wildlife, and our health.

Look at any news media today and you'll see a very grim future. 

A future based on human destruction of the planet based on 'quick fix' methods to farming, transportation and industrial production.

"...almost a quarter of our total land area has already been degraded, and 90% of our soil could be degraded by 2050, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)." [1]

This is caused in part by monoculture, the practice of growing only one crop year after year on the same plot of land. These crops are subsidized by the government hence the reason we see GMO soy and corn in just about everything these days.

Because different crops require different nutrients, farmers have had to supplement with synthetic nutrients to keep the plants alive. 

But in nature, plants 'rotate' seasons. 

Each one may take from the soil but they also replenish.

For example, wheat growers may plant peas during the 'off' season to replenish the nitrogen in the soil. This helps the farmers to avoid the use of synthetic nutrients and keeps the soil healthier in the long run. 

In addition to synthetic nutrients, commercial pesticides are used to keep the crops alive.

"Commercial pesticide applicators, farmers, and homeowners apply about 1 billion pounds of pesticides annually to agricultural land, non-crop land, and urban areas throughout the United States." [2]

These toxins run off in our ground water and get caught in our rain, rivers, lakes, etc. This water is then used to irrigate our crops, feed the livestock, and even becomes the well water many humans drink from.

Which makes these toxins almost inescapable.

What's more, regenerative farming helps to restore the ecosystem...

Attracting a diverse group of various plants and animals that work in harmony to 'tend' naturally to the land. 

And the best part...

Regenerative farming helps to remove MORE carbon from the air than conventional farming! Healthy plants feed on carbon and healthy soil traps carbon. 

So IF it is true that greenhouse gasses are caused by industrial farming practices, then regenerative farming is the solution to return the Earth back to her healthy, happy, majestic balance.

Tomorrow, I'll show you how to understand labeling and find sources for organic, clean, and regenerative foods. 

Until then, can you think of some of the ways you can begin shifting your diet to include more healthy, organic, and/or regenerative options?

One step at a time...

We CAN heal the Earth and our bodies...

One change at a time.






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