Prevention protocol: how to avoid and mitigate seasonal illness

Prevention protocol: how to avoid and mitigate seasonal illness

If you listen to current global trends in health you see that many illnesses are on the rise. 

Diseases that haven't been seen in years.

Some that are typically rare but now they're trending. 

And in light of all of this, I wanted to share with you what we as Naturopaths do to stay AHEAD of the curve. 

*I will be recommending certain products in this email. None of which are sold in our store. And I am not an affiliate or paid in any way to recommend them.*

These recommendations are based strictly on my own professional opinion. 

That said, let's get started. 

For those of you who didn't know, I fought for about 20 years with chronic illness in the form of Chronic Bronchitis/Chronic Sinusitis. 

During that time, I was a compulsive overeater, battling with depression, and HOOKED on processed foods as my drug of choice. 

Toward the end of that battle, I found out that I also had an underlying autoimmune (which is always linked to gut I'll show later in this email) so learning how to get my immune system back on track became QUITE the journey!

When I got brutally honest with myself, I saw some very inflammatory, gut-damaging habits:

1- I was eating lots of candy every time I went to teach dance because we always had it in the teachers room.

2- I was dating a guy who couldn't keep weight on so we ate dessert first on every date

3- The majority of my diet was made up of mostly processed foods with little to no pre/probiotic foods and filled with toxins like flavors and colors and ultra-processed flours

The SECOND I cut these habits out, I noticed my body start to feel better.

In time, and through my training, I was able to see the science behind why this happens...

There's a MAJOR correlation between Gut Health and Immunity.

They are not separate systems. Rather, they are interdependent.

"The intestine represents the largest compartment of the immune system." [1] Which means, if you aren't eating to support a healthy gut, your immune system won't function properly. 

So if you want to prepare for whatever may come at you, BEFORE it comes at you, start with gut health.

Here's what you'll need to know:

Pre and Probiotics: 

Prebiotics are a type of fiber that feed the good bacteria in your gut. When you're consuming whole foods like fruits, veggies and mushrooms, you're getting naturally occurring prebiotic fibers. 

Probiotics are naturally present in foods like Kefir, Yogurt, Raw Milk, Raw Cheese, Kimchi, and a whole slew of 'fermented' drinks like Kombucha and Tepache hitting the market now. 

These are a type of bacteria that help to repopulate the good bacteria in the gut. But I do understand that most people FLINCH at the thought of taking yet ANOTHER supplement so in this case, a drink may be the answer.

But please do read the label FIRST!

Many drinks like Poppi or flavored Kefir may be popular but they DO have added sugar. 

NOT ideal for gut health.

If you're in California, try Raw Milk or Raw Kefir from Raw Farms. They have a great Lemon Kefir that has zero added sugar but tastes like lemon yogurt in the cups and it's divine!

One of my favorite pre/probiotic drinks at the moment is De La Calle Tepache. It's a great substitute for soda and there are SO many flavors to choose from. This is my favorite flavor.

Also, consider is the link between sugar and immunity:

"Sugar in all its forms impacts the immune system, especially when consumed in high doses...A bacterial infection requires a fast, or abstinence from sugar. Man-made sweeteners, like aspartame and HFCS can have serious deleterious effects on the immune system, especially on infants, and, as such, should be avoided." [2]

Recent upticks in upper respiratory infections may be addressed with a 36 hour fast...or at minimum, a removal of ALL carbs for 36-60 hours instead of going with the invasive route of antibiotics.

*I'm not giving you medical advice or telling you to not speak to a doctor. I'm just telling you what we as Naturopaths would do to approach this type of situation.

Whenever I notice a little flare up in my sinuses or my lungs, I eliminate all carbs from grains, beans, and any products that may contain added sugars, and the inflammation almost immediately dissipates. 

Now if you aren't fast enough to catch the onset of symptoms and end up IN the thick of the illness... 

Here's my emergency protocol to address the issue FAST...

-Remove carbs from grains, beans, and any processed sugars. IF you are going to have juice, focus on fresh carrot lemon, and/or pineapple/papaya juice (NOT pasteurized or in smoothies) so you're getting high amounts of Vitamin A and lots of enzymes to support detox and regeneration.

-If you want to get Vitamin C from citrus, eat the WHOLE fruit instead of just drinking the juice as the fiber will help to prevent the bacterial infection from feeding on the sugar in the juice alone. And no, juice with pulp won't do the trick.

-As needed, choose a natural Cough Syrup that has the least amount of sugars. I like Olbas Cough Syrup or Herbion Ivy leaf Cough Syrup.

-Mitigate stress with lots of rest and herbs like Holy Basil (Tulsi) and/or Ashwagandha teas. 

-If your nervous system is feeling overloaded, which tends to be an under-addressed issue when illness hits, try Herb Pharm's Daily Calming Spray.

-Load up on fluids like Collagen and Bone Broths to help flush debris and possible backed up sludge from the gut as well as to coat the lining of the gut that may be inflamed. I have found many Pho and Ramen places that will sell the broth alone which is perfect for these types of situations. 

-Get LOADS of sunshine. “...sunlight directly activates key immune cells by increasing their movement.” [3] So yeah, just do that. 

And finally...

Be open to learn from the experience.

Your body may be shutting down because you're spending too much energy pushing in the wrong direction.

It may be your sign to reset.

Do some journaling and meditation. Listen to your internal guidance. Find the wisdom in the stillness. 

What can you do to prevent the collapse next time? 

Can you identify the sequence of symptoms so you can address them sooner in the cycle?

And what will you do to build a stronger immune system, by way of gut health, to prevent getting knocked out in the future?

Naturopathy is all about prevention. 

That's the realm we LOVE to hang out in. 

It's my hope that these notes support you in prevention as well. 

With love and healing vibes,

-Alida, The Oracle





*This information in this article is offered as education only and in no way implies that you should avoid consulting with your medical professional. 
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