Just start...breaking free of analysis paralysis

Just start...breaking free of analysis paralysis

So you have a new goal. What do you do first?

Do you visualize it?

Do you make a vision board?

Do you you throw caution to the wind and just jump in head first?

Or do you end up overthinking your overthinking so you never truly get started?

Analysis paralysis can be tough. Especially when you've mastered the art of it!

But if you're finally ready to break that very UN-merry-go-round, here's what you need to know...

Just start.

I know, I know. Easier said than done, right?

Actually, yes.

1) You can start by taking the advice you so readily give to others...but never apply yourself.

Consider all the times you feel you have the BEST solutions for others. The moments where you KNOW if they would JUST listen to your advice their live would be changed. But you also know deep down inside that advice was also meant for you...

Write those insights down and take action on them.

2) You can start with my '3x' rule: if I hear myself say "Oh shoot! I was going to do..." multiple times, on the third time I stop what I'm doing and do THAT instead.

This way I am both applying the nudges from Source to stay on track AND honoring my future self by setting her up for success.

3) You can start with the basics. And I mean the BASIC basics.

When one of my clients starts to fall off the path and snowballs into an old pattern, my first question is: Have you been making your bed lately?


This can be anything from drinking enough water, meditating, washing your face at night before bed...

When you've committed to basic disciplines as non-negotiables, overwhelm takes over when those actions become negotiable.

Negotiating your commitments, even to yourself, lets your brain know you can't be trusted with a promise. As a safety mechanism, it overthinks getting started to 'protect' you from failure.

Now, go...

When you're ready to take on that next goal, acknowledge where you are and what you can do first.

Often times, getting started isn't about doing something new as much as it is about getting back on track with something you've lost touch with. You may just need to remember how strong, powerful, and capable you truly are by making good on the personal promises you've made.

It's your time now.

-The Oracle.

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