Journal Prompt: Taking Your Own Advice

Journal Prompt: Taking Your Own Advice

There's a song in the original Alice in Wonderland where Alice sings about never taking her own advice...and in tears, she's realizing that's probably been a bad idea.

Have you ever been in this situation?

People come to you for guidance, free advice you willingly give, and inside you're thinking "Man, if I only applied this in my own life, things would be different."

Change can be hard, I know.

Especially when it's much easier to base your 'self worth' on being seen as the wise one...without actually DOING the work to earn that title.

Today, I'd like to challenge you:

  • Make a list of all the best advice you give
  • Write down how the flow of wisdom came from your lips, the way in which it was received by your peers, and how it felt when you realized it would be great if you applied it yourself
  • Get in touch with WHY you are afraid of doing this in your own life and what your biggest obstacle is
  • Then, if you feel so inclined...DO IT ANYWAY

If you aren't taking your own advice, there's a reason you keep being the go-to person for this information:

The guidance wasn't meant for them.

It was meant for you!

Consider it from an Ego vs Higher Self perspective:

Ego will keep you distracted in excuses to procrastinate and play small. It needs you to live a predictable life because that 'protects' you from unknown variables.

You never have to grow, face your fears, or change friend groups because having comfort is more important than expanding your reach. Ego wants other people to make the tough decisions so you don't have to be responsible when things go wrong.

And yet...

You are a soul, having a human experience, that came here TO grow. TO be responsible for the co-creation of this world.

In order to consciously co-create this reality, you MUST expand your perception or what's 'real' beyond what's familiar.

Otherwise, everything stays the same.

And you stay bored.

So, Higher Self works to nudge you gently; reminding you that you are capable of much more. That this life, and what you see in it, is not ALL there is.

But, you don't listen.

WE don't listen.

That nudge turns into a pebble, then a rock, then a boulder, then a house (metaphorically speaking, of course) being dropped on our head, all because we didn't listen to the nudge.

The 'rock' stage is what I consider the first stage of 'projection.'

Higher Self needs a bigger attention grabber so it projects our programs out into the world around us. The people we give advice to become a mirror to the things we need to hear.

When your programs are being projected onto others and it FEELS like you have the BEST advice that could completely transform someone else's life, stop...take a breath...and ask yourself:

"Is this message meant for me?"

If so, make a commitment that whether or not you share it, you will ALSO apply it yourself.

This way, what you project into the world will no longer be a reflection of people who need to be saved...rather, you'll be projecting the vibrations of being healed, whole and complete.

To BE the change we wish to see in the world, this is where it begins.

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