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How supplements work...and why you need to think differently about them

There's a big difference between supplements and big pharma drugs...
And far too many are still getting it wrong.
Society teaches us that cheap, fast, and easy is what gives meaning to life.
Don't believe me...
-Consider the upset you feel when you have to wait for your Amazon package of cheaply made products to be delivered.
-How it feels to be more excited about a 30-second fluffy puppy video than you are about pursuing a long-term goal.
-The pacing you do when your DoorDash order doesn't come fast enough and your brain races with all the possible ways they've just F'd up your order.
We are addicted to things that are convenient, cheaply made, and fast. We've lost our collective ability to understand the importance of patience and stillness.
We've become a society who's stopped valuing optimal health and replaced that with shaming those who pursue a life of discipline and wellness.
Fed by this dogma, we live a life SO fast, we aren't aware enough to notice how our lifestyle is the root cause of 'seasonal' issues such as allergies and illness.
The condition of our body is not 'prepared' enough to respond in a healthy way TO the changing of the seasons.
Instead, we wait until our body DEMANDS our attention...past the point of simple prevention measures.
You might head to the nearest drug store, grab some OTCs to NUMB the symptoms, then crash out for a few days and tell people:
"Don't come near me! I don't want to get you sick."
It's all a cycle, repeating over and over again to KEEP you addicted to the fast-paced, cheap life that doesn't give you the ACTUAL health your body craves.
Around this time of year, my inbox gets flooded with questions:
"What can I do naturally to kick this cold?"
"My family got the flu, I don't want to get it. What supplements can I take?"
"I always get sick this time of year, what vitamins do you recommend I include to stay healthy?"
Truth is...even as a supplement developer myself...I am the FIRST to tell them: FIX YOUR DIET FIRST.
Here's the thing:

A supplement is meant to 'supplement' a diet that's lacking in nutrition.

If you're consuming GMO foods, ultra-processed foods/fast foods, fried foods, and high-sugar foods, your body is missing the necessary building blocks it needs to do what IT does naturally...
Fight off foreign invaders. 🦠
And, if you're stressing about life, lacking discipline, feeling overwhelmed by even the smallest challenge, and drinking copious amounts of energy drinks just to stay afloat, your body uses up various minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients, enzymes, etc. to keep you at the bare minimum level of health.
To stay healthy, nutrients and habits must be replaced consciously.
While a supplement can 'boost' or help to 'regulate' the systems in your body, and yes, those are two very specific functions, it cannot do the WORK that a healthy diet can.
This is why you'll take a supplement and be disappointed.
"This didn't work for me!"
"Why did THEY get results but I'm not?!"
Yeah, that's probably because your gut is too inflamed to absorb the nutrients. Your digestive system is running slow due to stress. And because your nutrients are SO depleted that the supplement is just barely scraping the surface of your actual needs.
Or, because you're assuming you'll have a 'quick fix' effect that pharma drugs give.
Quite the opposite.
Supplements help to restore order to the body.
Pharma drugs block the mechanism causing the symptoms.
They both have their uses in healthcare but work VERY differently.
Many supplements take about 2 weeks of consistent usage to show results while most pharma drugs 'work' almost immediately.
Supplements will help you to resolve the imbalance.
Pharma drugs will mask it.
So this 'cold and flu season' be sure to not assume that you can just supplement your way out of a poor diet and lifestyle.
Instead, use supplements in conjunction WITH a healthier diet so you can give your body all the 'tools' it needs to get and STAY healthy.
And if you need some inspiration, check out our Eat the Rainbow guide HERE or our new Inflammation Reset course.
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