Don't be afraid to outgrow your situation...

Don't be afraid to outgrow your situation...

Many years ago I had a client named Wendy. She was in her early 70's and loved taking group fitness classes. 

In the summer of 2005, I started teaching Bikini Bootcamp two days a week as a fill in for the aerobics teacher who was away for the summer. 

By the end of summer, I had a HUGE following.

And needless to say, I got to keep those time slots and she had to negotiate for some new ones. 

Wendy was one of my devotees from day one.

The class focused on one thing: a bikini-ready body. 

To me, that meant an aesthetic balance of muscle between the upper and lower body.

We focused on strength, sculpting, and flexibility because all three are needed to create a functionally toned physique.

Wendy, like so many of my ladies, came to me with very little muscle tone. 

In fact, due to poor posture, tight hamstrings, and lack of conditioning in the torso, building a booty was never really 'attainable' for them.

But I had something that many trainers and teachers didn't:

A background in dance. 

So my classes combined Pilates with weight training and a bit of cardio and stretching to get literally rapid results. 

One day Wendy came to me and said "Alida, what can I do about THIS?!?!"

I'm thinking she was asking me about how to reduce fat in a specific area of her body or maybe how to rid the cellulite effect. 

But no.

She was pointing to the AMAZING booty that she had built BECAUSE of my classes. 

Perplexed I said, "I don't see a problem here. You worked HARD for that. Why on Earth would you want to get rid of it?!"

"Because none of my clothes fit anymore."

"Well, it sounds like you might need to go shopping."

And with that, we had a good laugh. 

See, growth will bring a whole new set of questions.

Questions that challenge us to ask:

Am I living up to my full potential OR am I just trying to keep fitting in?

What's comfortable and familiar will keep you stuck if you aren't willing to question beyond it. 

So when you start to grow, and you realize things just don't 'fit' anymore, don't shrink back down to what's normal.

Find a way to keep stretching.

Find a way to support your growth so you don't go back.

Life will demand growth from you but it's always easier when YOU choose it first. 

Less resistance = greater momentum

Stretch a little bit every day beyond your comfort zone and watch what happens. 

If you improve just 1% each day...

Imagine how much better you'll be in 4 weeks...

12 weeks...

12 months...

12 years...

Stop trying to fitting in.
Get comfortable with outgrowing your comfort zones.

You've got this.

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