Do you really want a predictable life? How to choose something better...

Do you really want a predictable life? How to choose something better...

If quantum scientists tell us that matter is mostly empty space...and the sages tell us that material things don't matter anyway...

Does 'reality' even matter?

In personal development we have a phrase:


Your brain is a 'meaning-making machine.'


It uses experiences combined with beliefs and emotions to create beliefs. 


You make things MEAN something in accordance to what you believe and feel about them.


This is why so many people can see the same thing but come out with different stories about it. 


The brain takes that moment in time and creates a story about it that FITS the narrative of your life. 


If it doesn't match your identity it will either be tossed out OR transformed to match it.


It's the reason why some people can come out of a traumatic situation feeling like a victim and carrying the energy of that pain into every aspect of their life...


While others can take that experience and use it to fuel their personal discovery journey, coming out stronger and more confident than before.


Beliefs about self worth...


Emotional responses to the situation...


Perceptions about what's possible or how you are capable ALL contribute to how your brain logs the memory. 


And yet, what is considered "reality" will still, and always will, vary from person to person.


So what's really reality if no one totally agrees?




See, our world is called a space-time reality.


Space being the 3D, matter, reality. And still, this is an illusion as matter is mostly empty space.


Time being the 4D, relational, reality. Time being relative to our beliefs and energy will move according to our relationship with it.


And our brains use these dimensions to project our beliefs into form. This is called 'manifestation.'


In short...we are the movie projectors. Projecting our ideas of what's 'real' into the world and receiving an experience that matches.


We are commanding this Grid of Consciousness each and every day whether we know it or not.


If you decide one day to change a habit, you're saying to your brain:


This 'reality' isn't working for me. 


I'm going to challenge what I believe to be true about myself and the world.


I'm ready to experience a whole new reality with the understanding that it won't make sense for a while. And that's okay.


But then...


Your brain FIGHTS to keep you stuck in what's familiar because what 'matters' in life is what has 'meaning.' If you have given meaning to your comfort, your brain will fight to protect it.


THIS is one of the many reasons you get stuck, we get stuck, as humans trying to create a new reality.


You hold on to what you THINK is real, what you think REALLY matters, entirely unaware that you MAKE reality up according to your beliefs. 


For example: 


Food itself isn't what gives life meaning. 


It's your experience WITH the food, the emotional attachments to it, the way it makes you feel.


It's the MEANING your brain has given it, the love your Abuela put into it, not the food itself, that gives you a certain sensation.


Change comes when you decide that you aren't going to keep fighting for what's familiar, predictable, or known, and you're going to strive for something better. 


This could be your health, your mindset, your lifestyle, or any combination thereof.


Instead of choosing what's comfortable, you have to be willing to forge a new path THROUGH the suffering that comes with growth.


"A man who fears suffering is already suffering from what he fears." 

-Michel de Montaigne


To use your mind in the most effective way, you have to find some sort of meaning IN the growing pains. Then, face them head-on.


You've got to reach BEYOND your comfort zone and IMAGINE a life on the other side of a big goal. Then create meaning SO strong in that new reality that you outgrow your current one.


Creation, commanding the Grid, requires you to reach beyond what you know and explore the unknown. 


Because logic will only keep you trapped in the predictable.


But curiosity will help you break free of it. 


What you do with this information will determine your future. 


Choose wisely, my friends. 


-Alida, The Oracle

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