Developing discipline: why the little things DO matter

Developing discipline: why the little things DO matter

"Have you been making your bed lately?"


A revealing conversation that happens often with clients who fall off their path.

It's not that making the bed will assure one's success. I know many multi-millionaires who don't do this.

It's the act of being consciously disciplined in daily habits that leads to success. So for many of my clients, this one thing is easily used as a marker for where they are aligned vs not.

Before I became a coach, I was in a relationship that fast-forwarded my learning in almost every area of life. We mirrored the bad habits of each other so much so that it was easy for me to see where I needed to change.

He would get mad at me for leaving drawers and cabinet doors open.

I'd get mad at him for leaving his clothes on the floor and sock balls around the house.

During that time, I was all in. I wanted so desperately to change my life regardless of whether or not he was coming with me.

It was a time where I took control of my eating, lost the majority of my weight, and began facing my demons through a path of discipline.

I made my first vision board in August of 2003 after being disgusted with myself for gaining back some of the weight I'd worked so hard to lose. The board served as a daily reminder:

THIS is where you are going, there will be no settling for the old ways. Everything you do moving forward MUST align with this vision or it will not be done.

What happened during that year was monumental.

Adidas came out with a campaign slogan "Impossible is nothing" and that image hung in our bathroom as a daily reminder to not accept my own excuses.

I questioned EVERYTHING...

From how I dressed to how I brushed my teeth, why I made the decisions I did to how I perceived my place in the world.

Slowly but surely I changed as many automatic habits as I could.

Brick by brick...piece by piece.

I began changing my habits to match my goal rather than just accepting things 'as-is.'

I began trusting myself as a creator of my reality and living more in accordance to that truth.

Most of all, I learned that the LITTLE things really DO add up.

And THIS is where I see people trip up the most.

A year later, my life had completely transformed...along with my physical aesthetics...and I was offered a job at Gold's Gym as a trainer, with no previous experience, based on my own personal results alone.

Within just two weeks I had enough clients to quit my job, as a classically trained chef, and have full control of my schedule and my income.

It's just ONE...

A couple of years later, I had a client who couldn't seem to lose the weight we were working hard to get off. I asked her "how's your diet? Are you sticking to the plan?"

"Oh yes, I meal prep every day and I'm great with my portions."

So I asked her to track EVERY little thing she put into her mouth throughout the day. The result was ASTONISHING!

While making the kids lunches, a couple of chips...

While making some tea before sitting down to do some work, a few pieces of chocolate...

While watching a movie with the family before bed, some popcorn...

The list of unconscious eating was long.

She was shocked by how many unconscious moments of eating were happening and was now able to SEE the effects of 'just ONE.'

Just one tiny "single-serving size pack."

It was all unconscious.

By bringing her awareness to this, we were able to determine where she needed to make adjustments and within just a few days, that weight began melting off.

Here in 2023, many years later, I'm still coaching clients in discipline and the importance of paying attention to even the TINIEST of actions to alter progress.


Jesus said you can't put new wine in old wine bags...

Meaning: you can't set a new goal on an old, unstable foundation.

Clients who struggle most with anxiety, overwhelm, and analysis paralysis in their goals, are all battling with too many unconscious "just ONE" moments. These quickly add up to mental chaos and eventually destroy confidence.

So many of our unconscious patterns are programming our mind to believe that we don't VALUE completion.

Simply put, unfinished business leaves an energetic tie to every commitment we've ever made, draining us of vital life force each and every day.

Yeah, it's exhausting. It's no wonder even THINKING about a new goal feels like TOO much to manage.

To break this pattern, we have to return to the basics of completion.

A commitment to completion.

For example:

Actively closing a drawer or turning off a light- telling your brain you are done with this segment of time and are free to move on to the next

Making your bed every morning- tells your brain that rest time is complete and it's now time to apply a rejuvenated self to the day's activities

Having a solid bedtime routine- signals the brain to wind down and let go of the day's stresses

Setting up tasks as sacred time blocks- helps to eliminate distractions and prevent you from procrastinating on completing tasks

Tracking your eating triggers- identifies where emotions are hijacking your mind and pulling you away from completing your fitness goals

And so on...

We have to EMBRACE the process of self-analysis so that retraining the brain becomes an active part of our daily life.

And in so doing, we BECOME the Conscious Creators we were born to be.

If you're struggling with taking action on all those things you said you'd do someday, start with these basics and be committed to mastering even the simplest of tasks.

I like to do this kind of review whenever I'm taking on a new goal.

This shows me where I'm slacking, where there are "holes in my boat," and what needs my immediate attention so I can make room for the new goal to manifest.

The important thing is to never settle for 'just good enough' because life will always demand more of you.

Get ready, stay ready.

This is the path to receivership as a Conscious Creator.

-The Oracle

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