Creatine and Brain Health: The Connection

Creatine and Brain Health: The Connection

You may have heard of creatine as a supplement for athletes who want to improve muscle strength and exercise performance.

But recent research is now showing us that creatine isn't just good for muscle repair.

It's essential for a healthy brain too!

And you know, we're ALL about brain efficiency here. ;)

"The brain ranks second on the list of the highest energy consumers in the body, just after our muscles." -Dr. Usmarah Hussain

Today, we'll take a deep dive into the connection between creatine and brain health, its impact on ATP production, and the cognitive benefits associated with creatine supplementation.

The Science...

Creatine is an amino acid predominantly found in animal flesh that plays a vital role in supporting various bodily functions. While our bodies can synthesize creatine from other amino acids, this process is inefficient. Hence, non-meat eaters have been shown to have lower levels of creatine in their tissues compared to omnivores. (CITE)

ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is the primary source of energy, or fuel, for our cells.

Whether we fuel ourselves with glucose (carbs) or ketones (fats), both eventually convert into ATP. This powers many energy-requiring processes.

Although small in size compared to the rest of our body, the brain consumes around 20 percent of our daily caloric intake. This energy charges up the neurons so they can effectively communicate information.

If you have a high-stress or mentally demanding life, creatine is crucial in optimizing brain efficiency. How?

By binding to phosphate (P), it forms phosphocreatine, acting as a buffer to rapidly generate ATP. The reserves of phosphocreatine enable ATP production to occur 12 times faster than the standard method of oxidative phosphorylation and an astonishing 70 times faster than de novo ATP production.

This mechanism ensures that our brains have immediate access to the energy they need, particularly during periods of intense mental activity.

The Benefits...

Creatine supplementation has emerged as a powerful tool for promoting brain health, especially in individuals with low creatine levels due to diet, age, and/or chronic stress.

As we age, natural creatine stores tend to decline, which can contribute to cognitive decline and physical difficulties commonly experienced by older adults.

However, supplementing with creatine (especially creatine monohydrate like our TURBO FUEL) can change that...

Studies have shown that creatine supplementation can help:

  • reduce the impact of fatigue on the brain
  • enhance throwing accuracy in athletes
  • speed up recovery and restoration of brain functions after injury
  • improve recognition memory
  • provide an overall cognitive boost especially while working on complex tasks
  • and even temporarily increase intelligence.

*It's important to note that the extent of these effects may vary based on factors such as age, activity level, diet, and genetics.

So while creatine is not considered an 'essential amino acid,' it most definitely plays a role in supporting optimal brain function and brain energy metabolism. And for those of us who have high demands on our brains each day, creatine shows itself to be a viable ally in the fight for clarity, focus and energy.

How we use it:

-In a protein shake

-In coffee or latte

-Mixed in with Greek yogurt or cottage cheese

-Blended into fat bombs

-Added into protein fudge

How will you use Turbo Fuel to give your brain a boost?

*This article is intended for informational purposes only and does not replace advice from a medical professional. Please consult with your healthcare provider if you have questions about adding creatine to your supplement regimen.



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