Choices...and why you should focus more on the little things

Choices...and why you should focus more on the little things

With a month and a half into the new year, how is your progress going so far?

Are you living up to your intentions? 

Are you intentionally taking action to move closer to your goals?

Today, we're going to discuss the power of intentions and scale back to the tiniest of tiny things...

The "bricks" that make up your mind, body and spiritual health.

If every choice were a brick...

And every brick contributed to the foundation of your mindset, your self-worth, and your confidence for the future...

Are you conscious enough to see WHERE your foundation is shaky?

Can you see where even the TINIEST of choices is contributing to a much BIGGER issue?

For example, you might 'treat' yourself to a meal with foods that are unhealthy. And instead of enjoying the food, you criticize and demean yourself for making such a poor choice.

Perhaps you might eat that junk food and enjoy it in the moment but turn to an overly intense workout to 'compensate'...aka punish yourself...for the excess calories. 

You might even be creating an unhealthy relationship with work or an individual then 'coping' with food, alcohol or some other numbing agent instead of addressing the root cause of the boundary issue.

This can happen in everything you do in life from how you cook your food to how you practice self-care. 

The INTENTION behind the choice defines how your body and mind will respond TO the choice. 

And that energy can mean the difference between you feeling energetic and inspired vs feeling lethargic and unwell. 

Feeling empowered and courageous vs overwhelmed and afraid.

See, the foundation of your life is based on some of the most SUBTLE things in life. 

And until you take the time to address them, the surface-level changes will feel daunting. 

Exhausting even. 

Today, try taking just ONE action and shrink it down to the smallest of scales to see what's really creating your foundation of thinking, feeling, and being.

  • Why do you do it?
  • Who taught you how it 'should' be done?
  • Do you do it JUST to get it done or do you do it because you want to grow and be better?
  • Is there a way you can shift your perspective about it?
  • And how would changing your approach to this one action impact other areas of your life? 

Doing this with one action at a time starts to shift your perception of what's possible and what you're capable of. 

Because the stronger your foundation of self-awareness, the more confident you feel in taking on greater goals. 

It's the strength of the foundation that 
supports the weight of the goal. 

So if you aren't actively strengthening your foundation, you won't be emotionally available to set any truly fulfilling goals. 

And THAT is why so many of your goals and dreams have permanent residence in the Land of Someday.

Make this the BEST year yet...

Focus on your foundation so you CAN build a life you truly adore.

-Alida, The Oracle

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