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Nourish: Grass Fed Tallow Balm with Lavender and Fir

Nourish: Grass Fed Tallow Balm with Lavender and Fir

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Our Nourish Tallow Balm is your skin's new bestie.

Luxurious Hydration for Radiant Skin: Our Tallow Cream is a symphony of deeply moisturizing ingredients,

Nourish is a luxurious blend of tallow, olive oil and jojoba designed to soothe and soften dry, rough skin.

Our tallow balm restores natural moisture to aged skin, working to soften fine lines and patches.

Vitamins Boost: Naturally present vitamins A, D, E, and K, support a youthful glow. Helping to calm and tone combination skin. Nourish is gentle enough for sensitive skin too!

Moisture that matches your skin: Grass-Fed Beef Tallow resembles the natural oils present in human skin which makes it a more effective solution to soothing and maintaining optimal skin health.

Nothing synthetic:  We believe that nature always knows best. So we left out the silicone, artificial colors, parabens, sulfates, forever chemicals, known-allergens, and preservatives. Because your body deserves only the best!

Enjoy this nourishing blend of nature's moisture and essential oils to help restore your youthful glow.

Ingredients: Grass Fed & Finished Beef Tallow, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Golden Jojoba Oil, Organic Fir Needle Essential Oil, Organic Lavender Essential Oil

Manufacturer's country: USA

Product amount: 2 oz


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Suggested use: Apply to fingertips and gently massage into skin. Product will absorb fully after a few minutes. Safe for all ages and skin types. Store in a cool location away from direct sunlight or heat.

Note: Tallow melts at 85 degrees F. Store jar in a cool, dark location. If melted, oils may separate. Gently mix and refrigerate if necessary.

Gluten-freeLactose-freeAllergen-freeHormone-freeAll naturalAntibiotic-freeNo fillersNon-GMOCorn-freeAlcohol FreeCruelty FreeFragrance FreeMineral Oil FreeParaben FreePhthalate FreeSilicone FreeSulfate Free

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