When it's time to level up...

Welcome to Alpha Zen Coaching.

If you're ready to take life head-on, this path is for you!

Alida McDaniel, Chief Oracle and Founder here at the Society, has been helping clients overcome self-sabotage patterns since 2004.

With a background in holistic nutrition, spiritual psychology, functional mobility, and meditation, she's helped countless individuals create healthier habits, develop unshakable confidence, and courageously set...and achieve..life-altering goals.

As an expert in the field of Holistic Health, she's devoted her life to helping others become the best they can be through mindful living and intentional discipline.

You'll see her passion and love for this field in everything she does here in the Society ...from developing supplements to creating new content for our members in the app.

And now, her coaching services are under the Alpha Zen umbrella.

We offer group coaching programs designed to help you:

-Understand and reprogram food cravings

-Reconnect with the body's healing intelligence

-Develop self-trust and certainty in decision making

-Create healthier habits in eating, fitness, and relationships

-Set healthy boundaries

-Set big goals...and achieve them

-and Become the MASTER in your own life

Here at the Society we believe that true wellness...that deep, soulful kind of 'healed'...comes from a balanced approach to health and well-being.

Taking a holistic approach to health, our programs focus on the WHOLE person for physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Our group coaching programs are designed to help you live your BEST life.

We are now open for enrollment in the following groups:

Intuitive Eating: a 12 week course to teach you help you overcome emotional eating, understand your body's cues, learn the difference between a need for nutrients vs emotional support, recreate a healthier relationship to food and your body

Unshakable Confidence: a 12 week course to show you how to create consistent habits, follow through on your commitments, become decisive in the face of adversity, understand how to be present in the moment, and master the art of self assessment to rebuild self-trust

Programs Launching SOON:

Alpha Zen Mobility: a 12 week course in learning to connect mind and body through inspired movement. This program will emphasize joint mobility, functional movements, and help to improve digestion and immunity through various forms of lymphatic massage and fascia release techniques.

JEDI (Journey to Empowerment through Discipline & Integrity) Mindfulness: a 12 week course on living mindfully, becoming aware of how the external world reflects the internal, and creating discipline as the source of manifestation power

All programs also include:

Eat the Rainbow: the Anti-Diet Diet

Jedi Meditations: (live and replays)

Bringing Your Vision to Life: (creating a vision board that works)

We're here to help you achieve your highest and best health and well-being!

If any of the above programs feel aligned with you, set up a call HERE to get started.